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In October of 2017 and 2018 a motivated group of female business owners came together for a full day conference and community building event geared towards learning, growth and creating meaningful connections with other women experiencing the same successes and challenges. She Succeeds focussed on providing these women with empowerment, confidence and growth through a variety of experiences and learning opportunities.

Due to continued interest, success and positive feedback from our attendees, She Succeeds has become an annual conference experience for women in business in the GTA, born out of the necessity for quality events that provide women the opportunity to learn and grow together both personally and professionally with other like-minded business women.

Women are entering the world of business ownership at a higher rate than ever before. As this number grows, the rest of us are surrounded by inspiring stories of women who have taken the leap that give us the courage to do the same, but, when we take the plunge, it’s not necessarily what we expected.

Running your own business is not without its challenges. Yes, we are living our passion with flexibility at the conceptual level, but, we are also alone with our challenges with very few opportunities to brainstorm, be mentored or find a group of women who we connect with and trust to act as a supportive board of directors for us.

Many female entrepreneurs seek out a community of entrepreneurs like us who lean on, offer advice, share connections, do business with one another and take action together. This community is one that encourages fellow members as they conquer fears, overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. A tribe that leaves each of us with a new comfort level and the confidence we need in order to expand our growth and limits — both personally and professionally.

At the core of it, we need more than inspiration. We need actionable advice. We need education and mentorship. And, above all else, we need support and accountability.

She Succeeds is an event designed with all this in mind. It’s a place for these women to get to know each other, make those deep connections, and form the community we’re all looking for.

We are offering the opportunity as a Success Sponsor this year to represent your brand to a room full of eager and open-minded business women in a variety of methods throughout the months leading up to the big day as well as on the day.

We would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss this proposal with you as soon as possible so that we can move forward with our marketing and include our Success Sponsors as much as possible throughout the entire process.


The She Succeeds Team